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24 March 2009 @ 10:42 pm
Forget me not  
Para todos ustedes los angloparlantes algo que   saqué de mi cabeza  (no tiene que ver con mi vida para que ni se preocupen o algo por el estilo) 

  He used to hate me... I used to hate him... I don't know when it turned to love 
 and he kept hating me for a year and a half... enduring all their hate I lived sorrounded in  sorrow 
 His hate was cold... he didn't even looked at me... his silence was sharper than the edge of the judgement's sword 
 Bleeding with tears, I walked my wounds through a thorny rose path... where I could smell his perfume in the air 
Nobody was there... I was on my own... tired of walking this way... so take my pieces and pat the skull's head (8) 
My loving demon, my loving death... take me to the hell where our bodies will freeze in flames 
It was a day, rainy like each other when I finally heard your voice, a cute smile borned on my face 
 It was when I heard your feet walking my way, your blushing face pouting at me 
 Flowers bloomed from the wounds on my soul, when I heard you laugh again because of me
Patience was the weapon which tempered my soul, who made me stronger to his goal 
Not the beggining, nor the end... we will keep walking forever throught the path of my heavenly hell 

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